Madeleine Neech
Married: 1927

Bernard Forster    
Keith Forster    


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    Grave of Madeleine Neech

.aka Jack

Email from Penelope Neech
Madelaine, Fred's daughter, trained as a teacher in Norwich, and was teaching for a while before her marriage to Albert Forster, (known as Jack). He was a local boy,an orphan raised by his grandmother. He worked in the building trade  and they moved to London and became very prosperous. Madelaine had 2 boys ,Bernard and Keith. She contracted polio,(?) and went home to her parents to die. Forster had already moved her  successor in with him at the marital home,which bothered her a great deal. After she died, Forster and the boys moved north, and there is no more information about Bernard and Keith

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Emails from Margaret Clark & Penelope Neech

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