Fredric Francis Hallett



Email from Claire Wilmot
Charlotte Crickmere born Waybred  about 1822  [info census]  married 1851 June 1/4 Mutford district  [ Free B M D ] Frederic Francis Hallett.Frederic was a farmer and experimented with strains of wheat to improve yield they lived at Manor Farm Brighton .

Why the name change  transcription error by GRO ? or personal preference ?
Why do I think it is her ? it ties in with the admin estate of John Crickmer Midshipman of Norfolk and Port Phillip Australia  to Charlotte Hallett . Since Adeline Crickmer was a governess it would be more than likely that Charlotte was to giving her the opportunity to meet her future husband in Brighton

Source : Email from Nicholas Jelsden, Claire Wilmot

Last Updated : 05-Mar-10