Thomas William Neech
B:1820, D:1851
Married: 29-Nov-1845

Eliza Jane Neech    B:1847, D:1935
Hannah Deliana Neech    B:1846
Thomas William Alfred Neech    B:1849, D:1934


Sarah Ann Brown Neech    B:abt1856, D:1858


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    Tombstone of Delianna Woods Jones

    Home of Delianna and Eliza

From email from Avery Jones.......

John Jones and Hannah Simpson

John Jones was born on November 7, 1784.  Not much more is known about his early years till August 8, 1810, when he appeared before the authorities to declare that he, a shipwright by profession, a bachelor aged one and twenty and upwards wished to marry Hannah Simpson, a spinster aged one and twenty and upwards, there being nothing to let or hinder either of them from marrying.  He swore that he was willing to pay £200 if any statement he made later proved to be false.

John’s signature is firm and clear; the actual application now rests in the county Archives in Ipswich.  In return he received a licence to marry, the marriage to be publicly solemnized in “the Church of Lowestoft”.  Both parties were aged 26.

John’s first child was christened in Lowestoft but there is no record of any other christening there; presumably he moved to Beccles before the second child arrived two years later.

There is no record of John’s early years in Beccles.  But by 1841, when the Census was taken, besides owning 8 houses on Northgate Street he had his own boatyard in “Jones Scour” off the Old Market.  In these days the boatyard has been replaced by a small development of houses on the river, the approach to which is still called “The Score”.

In the 19th century the river Waveney was used as a highway for the transport of heavy goods such as coal to Bungay and probably to Diss.  Boat builders were in demand.  Nevertheless his business did not make John Jones a rich man.  He had his children educated to the best of his ability but his only surviving son did not go to a university.  Towards the end of his life health was poor.  He died on December 4, 1850, aged 66.  The cause of his death was certified as pneumonia followed by paralysis.

When he died his property was valued at less than £50 in value and was therefore not chargeable to estate tax.

We know very little about John’s wife, Hannah.  She was born August 15, 1784 and died 62 years later on May 23, 1847.

John and Hannah had 7 children, four of which grew up to adulthood.


John Simpson Jones
1810 - 1813
Died young, aged 3.

Jane Chambers Jones
1813 - 1894
She worked as a missionary in India.  See separate writing.

John Simpson Jones
1815 - 1827
Died young, aged 12.

Eliza Delia Jones
1817 - 1874
Sometime after 1851, with both parents now deceased, Eliza Delia travelled to India to be with her sister, Jane Chambers. On the 27th of February, 1856, she married John Smail in Benares, where she lived the rest of her life.

William Samuel Thomas Jones
1819 - 1823
Died young, aged 4.

Samuel Simpson Jones
1823 - 1866
He was the only son to survive to adulthood.  He married Sarah Seymour Reynolds and they were to become the parents of our main focus, Samuel Simpson Jones.  See separate writing.

Deliana Woods Jones
1825 - 1905
She married Thomas William Neech (1820-1851) an Occupier (Tradesman) of Ravensmere, Beccles, with whom she had 3 children:  Hannah Deliana Neech (b 1846), Eliza Jane Neech (1847-1935) and Thomas William Alfred Neech (1849-1934).  The couple is also known to have looked after Delianna’s mother, Hannah, when she became terminally ill and Thomas appears as the person who registered her death with the authorities.  Delianna’s tombstone surprises us with the surname BROWN so we imagine she must have remarried after Thomas’ death in 1851.  Yet 7 years later, in 1858, she still appears to use the name NEECH as the mother on the burial register of a 2-year-old named Sarah Ann BROWN NEECH.  Furthermore, this record does not name the child’s father – all this leads one to assume that the child was born out-of-wedlock. Still, by giving the child an extra surname, Delianna seemed to be indicating Mr. Brown’s involvement – possibly the person who was to become her second husband.

Email from Liz Livermore
I think the father of Delianna Woods Neech's last child might be Abraham Brown. Delianna is listed as his housekeeper in 1861 and 1871 censuses. I have no connection to the Neech family, but came across them when looking for inhabitants of Ingate Street in Beccles.

Source : Email from Avery Jones & from Paul Weavers

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