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Email from Patt Clare

"Conelius Wiltbanck had a keen sense of family unity, as is shown innumerous items in the Sussex records in addition to those cited undersketches of other persons in the Wiltbanck line. For example, hewitnessed in 1713 (along withJohn Lucas, ["son of Jane Lucas"], andothers) the Will of Thomas fisher who had married Margery Maud, sisterof Jane, Cornelius Wiltbanck's first wife. Cornelius was sustained bythe Court, be it noted in passing, when Thomas Fisher's widow, having remarried, brought suit as Margery Green[Nicholas Green] against him, and he wasgranted a patent to 100 acres on Broad Creek Neck which she claimed. He was also designated an "overseer" of the Will of James Seattoun who had married Elizabeth Fisher. In that Will he was called "her uncle"
Ref : http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bonnar&id=I33551

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