George Herbert Bedford
Married: Sep-1884



Twin of Sarah

Likey to be the person referred to in the 1881 British Census as

  Other Information:
    Birth Year <1866>  
    Birthplace Oulton, Suffolk, England  
    Age 15  
    Occupation General Serv  
    Marital Status U   
    Head of Household Thomas JAGO
    Relation Serv  
  Source Information:
    Dwelling 65 Bevan St Kings Arms
    Census Place Lowestoft, Suffolk, England  
    Family History Library Film 1341459
    Public Records Office Reference RG11
    Piece / Folio 1902 / 62
    Page Number 18

Marriage recorded at Mutford, Vol 4a, Page 1237.  Found at

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn and

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