George Christian Neech
B:1865, D:1932
Married: 1887
Where Married: Kensell Green, London, England

Alan Mosman Neech    B:1905


Emmeline and her husband, George Christian Neech, migrated from England to start a new life in Australia. George took a position as school-teacher on 13 Sep 1887 at Morven Queensland.

Emmeline was hired as a temporary teacher in Queensland, commencing 1 June 1888, classification "Third Division of First Year Students". She was appointed as assistant to her husband.  At this time he was teaching at Blackall.

Her record states "Her testimonials are quite Sat. She understands Drawing and Music. No Certificates".
For Professional Training, her record shows "Pupil - teacher in Harper Street Board School, London, Dec 1872 - Dec 1876. temporary A.T. to 8.9.78"
For Previous Employment, her record shows " Assistant in Flint Street from 1 Spt 1878 to 6 April 1882; Belmont Commercial from 4 Oct 1883 to 20 Jan, 1888"

Emmeline resigned from service in Queensland on 30 Sep 1891.

Copy of Emmeline'v Death Certificate (41KB file)

Source : Emmeline Dockery Death Certificate

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