Archibald Gardner
Married: aft 1852


Henry Neech Larter
Married: 25-Dec-1848



Name: Lorna Johnson
Date: 2000-12-19
My earliest ancestor  Henry Larter  
Henry Larter and Sarah A. Neach were the parents of Henry Neach Larter. He was born in Norwich, England on Jan. 1, 1832. He married Harriet Armitage on 12-25-1848 in England. He was my great-grandfather by his second wife Phebe Curtis.

Email from Becky Pope July 2010
My great- great grandmother, Harriet married Henry in England; 25 Dec 1849 Shipley church, shipley, Yorkshire, England. They are then found on the Ellen Maria manifesto with their infant daughter Marintha. They landed in New Orleans 5 Apr 1852 when they immigrated to America. (Their daughter passed away shortly after.)

They came to Utah. Henry was a iron miner. They divorced when he went in search of gold and wasn't home a lot.

She then married Archibald Gardner who was a polygamist. They had two children together. Harriet's husband, Henry, (my grandfather) came back, courted her, and she left Archibald, and remarried Henry 2 Dec 1860. She lived only about 5 years after that before she passed away when her youngest daughter ,Sarah Elizabeth, who my line comes through, was not yet a year old. Henry couldn't take care of her, so he arranged for a Mr. John Barton and his family to raise her while he went in search of gold during the Califronia gold rush. Henry came back when it didn't pan out, and he married Phoebe Maria Curtis in 1868.

Source : Emails from Lesley Tate & Becky Pope

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