Following is from a letter from Evalyn Neech dated October 2001 regarding Cornelius Neech (b:1838) and his father John Neech

There is another difficulty that I have with John Neech, the father. His supposed father and mother (Thomas Neech and Susannah) had had a son John Neech born April 1 1797, baptized April 19, 1797, and died and was buried April 19, 1797. How then is John Neech born Sep 8, 1797? That date is from his sisterís list of births of her sisters and brothers in her family bible and there is no baptism for him so I think he was probably some relative who was in trouble and they took the baby in. I donít think it was his sisters as all of them were married by then. I donít know of Susannahís family. Otherwise I donít think they would take a strangerís child when they had at least 7 of their own. I donít think that their children were old enough to have a child. So it remains a mystery. But he was raised a Neech.

John Neech married Agnes Wilson in 1853, she died in 1856 he married Mary Ann Palmer Oct 28, 1856. He died in 1877. She died in 1879.

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn

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