Florence Mabel Sadler
B:1885, D:1981
Married: 1907

Nora Gwendoline Neech    B:1911
Thomas Edgar Neech    B:1914, D:1995


Lived at 20 Trafalgar Road, Cambridge.  Worked for John Vale, Post Office Terrace, as a Whitesmith (small iron works). Bought a handcart from the firm when it closed (no in possession of Lynda). Started his own decorating business in November 1905. Firm was called E. A. Neech. First job was painting new housed in Marlow Road, Newnham. Firm is still in business as E. A. Neech and Son and operated by Allen Neech and his son Christopher Neech.

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn and email from Lynda Neech

Last Updated : 25-Feb-06