Peter Wilson
Married: 1966

Thomas Wilson    


Linda, was a talented ballet dancer from an early age, resulting in her leaving traditional schooling and being enroled at a proffesional dance school. Her mother, Daphne, got involved designing and making Russian Folk/Classical ballet costumes for the company as she was a brilliant seamstress. This led to her becoming Lecturer in Costume Design and Wardrobe Mistress at Coloma College, Croydon, England.
Unfortunately Linda was caught in a serious motorcycle accident when she was 16yrs old, and this meant that she could never dance again; she went on to teach dance, and formed The Russian Dance Theatre Company. Daphne was in charge of costumes in Linda's company. Linda is now retired.

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn and email from Nicola Muggeridge

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