Samuel Ray
B:1678, D:1752
Married: 9-Jun-1704
Where Married: Metfield, Suffolk, England

Lydia Ray    B:abt1709
Samuel Ray    B:abt1706
Thomas Ray    B:abt1707
William Ray    B:abt1705


The book " East Anglian Pedigrees" states "Lydia. Mar. 1704 Samuel Ray of Worlingworth". However this would indicate that Lydia is not the daughter of Neech/Clough. Suspect that "East Anglian Pedigrees" may be incorrect and that Lydia may be the daughter of Robert Neech, son of Neech/Clough.

Lydia was buried inside St Ethelbert Church, Tannington, Suffolk, England

Source : Email from Tasman Armitage. East Anglian Pedigrees

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