Catherine Hase

John Neech    B:bef 1713


Discovered in the will of John Hase, grocer of East Dereham, Norfolk, written 1713 (proved 1716):

my daughter Catherine, wife of Nicholas Neech.  They had a son John.

Howard's email goes on to say
Possibly the Nicholas Neech (son of Anthony, who was son of Richard), who was Rector of Sherrington, Wilby and Snetterton, and vicar of Shropham (all Norfolk). There are several Neeches listed in "Alumni Cantabrigienses" by Venn, including this Nicholas, Anthony and Richard, all rectors/vicars.  Richard was vicar of Yaxley, Suffolk, probably the son of the Richard on your website who was also vicar of Yaxley and rector of Great Thornham.

Email from Tasman Armitage re book 'East Anglican Pedigrees' das detais that show that Nicholas was,  like is father,  Rector of Snetterton.

From Clergy of the Church of England ( (same as Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900)
VENN: Adm. sizar (age 18) at CORPUS CHRISTI, 1702. Of Norfolk. S. [son] of Anthony (above), R. [rector] of Snetterton, Norfolk. ' Matric. 1703; B.A. 1707-8; M.A. 1720. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Sept. 24, 1710; priest (Ely) Sept. 23, 1711. R.[rector] of Sherrington, Norfolk, 1720-4. R. of Wilby, 1720-30. V. of Shropham, 1722. R. [rector] of Snetterton, 1730; still there, 1737.

Ordination Evidence Detail
Linked to person: Neech, Nicholas 1711-1711 CCEd Record ID: 18213  
Surname : Neech
Forename : Nicolaus
Qualification BA
University Cambridge
College Corpus Christi
Date of Birth _/_/1684
Residence : Norfolk
Event Type: Ordination
Date : 23/9/1711
Place : Ely
Church : Cathedral
Clerical : Status priest
Letters Dimissory : Yes
Auth. Bishop : Trimnell, Charles/Norwich 1708-1721
Source : CUL, EDR G/1/11 (Register)
Bishop : Moore, John/Ely 1707-1714

Source Info: Gentleman's Magazine, November, 1741
Name: Nicholas Neech
Dates: 1726-1750
Title: Reverend, Rector of Bridgham, Norfolk  
Occupation: cleric (a)  
Gender: Male  
Occupation: Occupation(s): cleric (a)
Office Holdings: Clerical Office(s): Rector of Bridgham, Norfolk, Appointed in November, 1741

Source : Emails from Howard Slatter and Tasman Armitage,

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