Ann Cope
B:1728, D:1780
Married: 28-Mar-1749
Where Married: Chedgrove, Norfolk

Ann Neech    B:1756, D:1824
Hannah Neech    B:1749, D:1750
Hannah Neech    B:1758, D:1845
John Neech    B:1753
Mary Neech    B:1762
Robert Neech    B:1750, D:1797
Sarah Neech    B:1767
Thomas Neech    B:1762, D:1763
Thomas Neech    B:1765, D:1824


Evalyn Neech states that her research seems to prove that Robert (b:1728) and Thomas (b:1726) are brothers as the birth dates seem to confirm, but so far she has not been able to find absolute proof.

Lynda advises that Robert 'paid someone 5 pounds to go to war instead of him'.

Gravestone of Robert and Ann is at a church in Kinstead, nr Brook, Norfolk

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Letter from Lynda Neech

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