John Neech
B:1827, D:1888
Married: 24-Oct-1854
Where Married: Wesleyan Chapel, Holt, near Erpingham, Norfolk

Arthur G. Neech    B:1865, D:1869
Frank Granville Neech    B:1870, D:1944
George Christian Neech    B:1865, D:1932
Herbert Henry James Neech    B:1859, D:1927
John Colin Harris Neech    B:1858, D:1923
Walter Punshon Neech    B:1873, D:1935


There is a record of marriage in Erpingham, Vol 4b, Page 173, found at

Email from H. Richardson ....
have now heard from the General Record Office that John Neech (1827-1888) married Sarah Harris on 24 October 1854 at the Wesleyan Chapel at Holt, near Erpingham, Norfolk.

Sarah is aged 24 at the time of the marriage, and her father's name is William Harris,a miller.  Sarah's address is given as Holt. John Neech, aged 28, is described as a farmer, and living at Felmingham.

The marriage was conducted by the Revd John Danks, Wesleyan minister, in the presence of the registrar, Joseph Coleman.

Source : Email from Harvey Richardson

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