Susanna Baker
B:abt1631, D:abt1683

Daniel Eyre    B:aft1645, D:1691
Elizabeth Eyre    
John Eyre    B:1632, D:1702
Thomas Eyre    B:abt1647, D:aft1691


Dr Thomas Eyre immigrated from England to Virginia USA before 1621.

Thomas (Eires) left a will ..
My beloved wife Susanna Eires extrx. To my eldest son John Eires when 18 my house and plantation, and a breeding sowe which I bought of Stephen Costen. To my son Thomas 2 cows. To my son Daniel 2 cows. To my friend Stephen Costen all my common wearing clothes and my great gun. Witt: Thomas Harmar, Stephen Costen

Note that in the Sewell Family History on webpage, Dr Eyre is shown as being born in the UK.
Similarly at

However the Ghotes page at show him as born in the USA

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