Elizabeth Boon
B:1817, D:1905
Married: 1841
Where Married: Henstead, Norfolk, England

Alfred Allen Neech    B:1854, D:1931
Elizabeth Mary Neech    B:1845, D:1869
Friday Allen Neech    B:1859, D:1906
Hannah Neech    B:1849
John Wolsey Thomas Neech    B:1842, D:1843
Maria Allen Neech    B:1856, D:1857
Mary Ann Neech    B:1846, D:1846
Mary Allen Neech    B:1852, D:1853
Phoebe Neech    B:1844
Sarah El(izabeth?) Neech    B:1843
Sophia Lydia Neech    B:1847
Susanna Neech    B:1841
Thomas John Wolsey Neech    B:1842, D:1843
Thomas Allen Neech    B:1849, D:1920


Evalyn's records indicate that Robert died in 1900 and Lynda's shows 1898

Note from Lynda Neech ..
Thomas moved to Cambridge soon after he married and lodged in Mount Pleasant Row.

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Family tree from Lynda Neech

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