John Raymond
Married: 1905


Thomas William Alexander Neech
B:1870, D:1912
Married: 24-Mar-1897
Where Married: Register Office, District of Camberwell, County London

Robert Alexander Neech    B:1899, D:1928


Evalyn's information does not reveal the name of the second wife of Thomas Neech. However, the Black Sheep Index at, described as "An index of Victims and Villains (and some heroes too) from press reports of court cases and inquests 1850-1900" has the record ...
Name : Neech
First : Catherine Agnes
Age :
Occupation/Relation : Wile of Thos Wm Alex
Address : Chatham, Rochester
Year : 1902
There is only one record of a Thomas W.A. at this period so it is highly likely (but not proven) that his second wife was Catherine Agnes

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn

Last Updated : 08-May-12