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Honours Awarded To The Cambridgeshire Battalion The Suffolk Regiment (11th (S.) Batt. The Suffolk Regiment).


Corporal S.J. Day. (15092 from Norwich. For action at Malakhoff Farm, Hargicourt, 24.8.1917).

C.B. and C.M.G.

Colonel C.W.Somerset, M.V.O. (Commanding Officer from 30.9.1914, invalided 3.9.1916, C.B. awarded New Years Honours 1918).

D.S.O. and Bar

Lieut.-Colonel G.L.J.Tuck. (Adjutant in 1914. Commanding Officer 25.3.1918. Awarded Bar 21 - 23March 1918).


Lieutenant Colonel E.H.Kendrick. (Commanding Officer 14.10.1916. Transferred to 34th Div. MG Btn. Oct. 1917).

Captain O.H.Brown. (B Company Officer who got to Wood Alley on 1.7.1916 - D.S.O. awarded. KIA 1.11.1916). The citation reads as follows - "For conspicuous gallantry in action. With only one orderly, he proceeded to the enemy's third line, where, collecting details of all units, he drove off to hostile counter attacks and repelled a strong bombing attack. He held his position till relieved".

M.C. and Bar.

Major A.B.Wright, M.C. (Awarded M.C. at Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917. Bar awarded at Battle of Lys, April 1918).

Captain G.R.F. Baguley, M.C. (Awarded M.C. Sept. 1918. Bar in Oct. 1918).

Bar to M.C.

Captain C.V.Canning, M.C. (Original M.C. whilst with 9th Btn. Raid on Cite St Elie 11.6.1917. Transferred to 11th Btn Jan.Feb. 1918. Bar to M.C. 21 - 22nd March 1918).

Captain S.W. Turner, M.C. (Bar during October 1918).


Lieutenant G.N.Sneddon.

Captain O.H.Brown D.S.O.

2nd Lieutenant F.M.Myers. (For raid on 12.10.1916).

2nd Lieutenant K.Scott-Walker. (For raid on 12.10.1916).

Captain F.L.Tempest. (For attack on Intermediate Trench 5.8.1916).

2nd Lieutenant R.Theobald. (KIA Battle of the Lys. 10.4.1918).

Captain R.V.Burrowes. (For Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917).

Lieutenant W.R.Hall. (For Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917. KIA 22/4/1918).

2nd Lieutenant H.A.Reed. (During Battle of Lys April 1918. DoW 9.4.1918).

Lieutenant C.L.Bryant. (During Battle of Lys April 1918).

Captain W.E.Harrison. (21st - 22nd March 1918. A CoY. DoW 10.4.1918).

Lieutenant D.B.Johnson. (21st - 22nd March 1918).

Captain G.F.Reid. ( 21st - 22nd March 1918. D CoY.).

Captain L.H.Rodwell. ( 21st - 22nd March 1918. B CoY.).

2nd Lieutenant W.H.Roxbrough. ( 21st - 22nd March 1918.A Coy DoW 13.4.1918).

Lieutenant W.H.Parker. (Btn Intelligence Officer early 1916).

Captain H.J.P.Creagh. (Originally in 8th Btn. M.C. October 1918. DoW 23.11.1918).

Lieutenant W.G.Gentle. (Oct. 1918).

Lieutenant G.Turner. (Oct. 1918).

Lieutenant E.B.Bowell.

D.C.M. and Bar

Sergeant E.Spalding. (14766. D.C.M. 21st - 22nd March 1918. Bar at Battle of Lys April 1918).


Lance Corporal V.Pamment. (16620. Back Hill, Ely. Awarded for MG work in German 2nd Line 1.7.1916).

Acting Sergeant A.G.Few. (24224. For Somme).

Acting Sergeant A.E.Knightley. (15701. Somme).

Lance Corporal H.A.Cage. (17245. Somme). 

Sergeant J.P.Negus, M.M. (20505. For Malakhoff Farm 24.8.1917. Southampton Place, Chatteris. "When in a position isolated from the rest of the line, he organised  and led bombing attacks and gained 70 yards of trench, killing some of the enemy and putting a machine gun out of action. he constantly exposed himself in order to keep in touch with the nearest troops. On one occasion he went over the open under very heavy fire and brought back fresh supplies of bombs. For three days he he held on and improved a very difficult position, setting a magnificent example of initiative and fearlessness).

Regimental-Sergeant-Major J.Crissall. (3/10029. For 21st - 22nd March 1918).

Company Sergeant-Major G.A.W.Turner. (14275. For Battle of 21st - 22nd March 1918).

Corporal W.Taylor. (15804. 21st - 22nd March 1918).

Acting Sergeant W.J. Matthews. (326837. Originally with Cambs Reg't. Transferred to Cambs Suffolks after 5.1917).

Company Sergeant-Major C.J.Conner. (3/10196. For Battle of Lys April 1918).

Company Sergeant-Major S.W.Mead, M.M. (15618. For Battle of Lys April 1918).

Sergeant F.Meadows. (14984).

Lance-Corporal W.H.Edwards. (From Ely. For Sept. 1918).

Company Sergeant-Major C.Causton. (13533. For Oct.1918).

Company-Quartermaster-Sergeant H.Mann, M.M. (M.M. with another Btn. Present at Allied Victory March in Paris, June 1919).

M.M. and Bar.

Sergeant J.P.Negus. (20505.M.M. for bombing all night with officer of the Royal Scots and holding a dangerous post against the Germans - Negus had been with the Battalion for three months at this point. 5.8.1916. M.M.Bar for bombing Intermediate Trench, Bazentin-Le-Grand. Critical situation saved by Sgt Negus, L/Cpl Cave, Pte Taylor and Pte Cockerton. 12.10.1916). Son of Mr Joseph Negus, Southampton Place, Chatteris).

Corporal D.Barrett.(From Littleport, Cambridgeshire - M.M. in 1917, Bar from St Quentin 1918)

Lance-Corporal H.Searle. (9200. D.C.M. with 7th Btn. 18.7.1915 for recovering the bodies of 2nd Lt H Bamkin & Pte H Armsby. M.M. Battle of Lys, April 1918).

Corporal G.H.Wilding.


Private O.Hopkin. (Wilburton Fen. Enlisted at age of 16. M.M. when with the Borderers - attached from the Suffolks).

Sergeant J.J.Bennett.

Private A.Cuthbert.

Corporal A.J.Billings. (7 petworth Street, Cambridge. In charge of 30 stretcher bearers. Worked 32 hours under shell fire carrying wounded. M.M. 2.7.1916).

Lance-Corporal Ernest Johnson. (5 St Matthews Street, Cambridge. Employed Cambridge Co-op. M.M. 1.7.1916.). Gazetted 25.8.1916.

Lance-Sergeant R.Pettitt. Gazetted 25.8.1916.

Private B.A.Reeves. Gazetted 25.8.1916.

Private B.R.Thompson. (23 Greens Road, Chesterton. M.M. 1.7.1916. Drummer/stretcher bearer. Wounded 2.7.1916. both legs amputated. DoW 4.8.1916 at Whalley Hospital, Lancs. Aged 20).

Private W.Whetstone. (Claypits, Manea. Stretcher bearer. For retrieving wounded under fire - 1.7.1916). Gazetted 15.8.1916.

Private J.Howlett.

Private H.R.Smith.

Private F.Cockerton. (For 5/6.8.1916. Bomber at Intermediate Trench).

Corporal H.Coulson.

Corporal R.Harley. (6 west End, March. For 1.7.1916. Leading men after Officer killed.).

Sergeant J.R.Parker.

Sergeant S.S.Poulter.

Lance-Corporal Whittington.

Acting Sergeant A.A.Webb.

Private F.W.Arnold. (London Gazette July 1917).

Sergeant R.Shelford.

Private E.South.

Private J.Arnold.

Private H.Jackson. (London Gazette July 1917).

Private E.J.Law.

Corporal F.W.Clarke.

Private A.Smith. (From Ely - London Gazette Nov.1917).

Private C.Robinson.

Private G.Blockley.

Corporal C.Carlton. (From Bottisham - Cambridge Chronicle September 1917).

Lance-Corporal B.West. (From Soham - Gazetted Nov.1917).

Private C.F.Miller.

Private M.Roweth. (Manea. For 1917).

Corporal W.C.Balls.

Private B.Stockings.

Private W.H.Lock. (5 Cunnungton Square, Wisbech. For 26.8.1917.).

Private H.Goodfellow.

Private T.A.Dixon.

Private C.Webb.

Private J.Page.

Private W.Bannister.

Private E.H.Cox. (Outwell. Stretcher bearer. For 1917. Retrieving wounded under fire).

Private H.W.Driver.

Private R.J.Spraggins.

Private A.W.Bourn.

Sergeant O.Hazell.

Private A.Labram.

Private R.Mitham.

Acting-Company-Sergeant-Major S.W.Mead. (15618).

Private S.F.Walsh.

Lance-Corporal R.Wray.

Corporal W.J.Matthews. (326837).

Lance-Corporal F.Aldhous.

Private C.Butcher.

Lance-Corporal E.Carbonell.

Sergeant P.A. Dowe.

Lance-Corporal T.Gate.

Private W.C.Joyce.

Corporal S.F.Staden.

Lance Corporal P.E.Dann.

Private W.E.Buck.

Company-Quartermaster-Sergeant F.G.Hyde.

Sergeant A.J.Rash.

Corporal C.Mabbutt.

Sergeant D.C.Knights.

Private E.Watkins.

Sergeant J.Chalk.

Sergeant J.F.Hamps. (Eastwood, Wimblington. M.M. awarded in 1918. Good work in leading his men over the top).

Sergeant A.Reader.

Sergeant W.H.Gillingham.

Corporal P.C.Spurgeon.

Lance-Corporal R.Woods.

Corporal P.M.A.Jennings.

Lance-Corporal J.Fairclough.

Private P.Cobbin.

Private C.Hoath.

Private G.Titmarsh.

Private J.W.Broom.

Private W.H.Kelly.


Sergeant B.Hammond.

Company-Sergeant-Major C.J.Connor.

Sergeant F.Meadows. (For April 1918 Battle of Lys).

Sergeant H.Dockerill. (From Ely. London Gazette Jan. 1919).

Sergeant C.B.Thompson.

Belgian Croix de Guerre.

Private E.H.Cox, M.M.

French Croix de Guerre.

Sergeant H.E.Jeffrey. (For October 1918).

Brevet Major.

Lieutenant-Colonel E.H.Kendrick, D.S.O.

Immediate Commission in the Field.

Sergeant C.Hills. (DoW 30.8.1918. 2nd Lt, 2nd Suffolks).

Acting-Sergeant-Major W.Matthews, D.C.M.,M.M.(Commissioned to 11th Suffolk).

Mentioned in Despatches.

Colonel C.W.Somerset, C.M.G., M.V.O. (twice).

Lieutenant-Colonel G.L.J.Tuck, D.S.O. (three times).

Captain O.H.Brown, D.S.O., M.C.

Company-Sergeant-Major J.Tyrrell.

Sergeant B.Hammond.

Captain C.E.Townley.

2nd Lieutenant R.N.Durtnall. (KIA 28.4.1917).

2nd Lieutenant H.S.Grand. (Mentioned for his part in the raid on 12.10.1916. KIA 28.4.1917).

Lieutenant N.K.Bell. (Adjutant of 13th Btn. in 1915 - Formed from Depot Companies of the 11th Btn. Transferred to 11th Btn as Adjutant in Dec.1916).

2nd Lieutenant F. Maxwell-Lawford.

Lieutenant-Colonel E.H.Kendrick, D.S.O.

2nd Lieutenant H.A.Reed.

2nd Lieutenant F.W.Bennett. (Attached Trench Mortar Battery. POW from March 1918).

Major J.H.Brett (twice). (Cap't Adjutant. March 1918. Promoted Major, May 1918. KIA 10.4.1918).

Lieutenant E.T.Bolton.

Lieutenant R.J.Coles. (Attached Trench Mortar Battery. Wounded Oct. 1918).

Lance-Corporal A.I.Neech.

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