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Roper Families in Virginia

L. David Roper

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22 January, 1996

The First Century of Ropers in Virginia (1600-1699)

[Ed. This document contains considerable well researched detail about the Roper Family and the full document is recommended reading. However, only at the end of the document is there a reference to a Neech.
The relevant paragraphs are copied below.]

St. Peter's Parish was formed from Blisland Parish in 1679.

The Vestry Book of Blisland (Blissland) Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1721-1786, p. xxxiii: quotes p. 7 of the vestry book of St. Peter's Parish showing John Roper, churchwarden of St. Peter's Parish as ordered on 31 Mar 1688 to help "Runn a dividing line between this P'ish of St. Peter's and ye Parish of Blissland ..."

A land patent exists for New Kent Co. for Henry Waring. 500 acres. Stratton Major Par., upon Pianketank Sw. 20 Oct 1689, p. 23. Adj. David Bram's land, &c. Granted to Mr. George Burge, 16 Apr 1683. deserted, & granted sd. Waring by order, &c. Imp. of 10 pers: James Nicholson, Jno. Richards, Israel Sheppard, James Welch, Andrew Neech (or Welch) James Rogers, Sarah Ellis, An. Jordan, Moses Roper, Anselm Bayly.

A land patent exists for Charles City Co. for John Evans. 818 acs. In Bristoll Par; 21 Apr 1690, p. 75. Adj. his patt. of 557 acs., granted 22 Nov 1682; beg. on E. side of the Southern run, &c. Trans. of 17 pers: Ja. Appleby, Peter Feake (or Flake), Antho. Tarkin, Wm. Weaver, Andrew Corby, Susanna Hall, Jno. Roper, James Thornton, Adam Rugsbye, Tho. Hamilton, Robert Ellis, Jno. Carver, Joan Relfe, Anth. Hux, Jane More; Grace & Judah, Negroes.

Pocahontas' Descendants by S. E. Brown, Jr., L. F. Myers & E. M. Chappel: p.248: 4128 Lavinia Bentley m William Roper