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The information contained herein is the result of extensive research into the Neech ancestry, performed over several decades, by Evalyn Neech of Norfolk, England. This web site is an attempt to distribute genealogy information to Neech family members to promote a better understanding of their ancestry.

The original home of the Neeches was at Mendham in Suffolk on the Waveney River just across the border from Norfolk UK. From these beginnings, members of the family have migrated worldwide, to Norfolk, VA, USA in the 1600's and to Australia in the 1800's.

Not much is known for certain about the origin of the name NEECH . It is believed that the Neech family were originally Huguenots from central Europe who fled from religious persecution and came to Norfolk to work in the wool trade. The name Neitzsche, became anglisised to Neeche, then later to Neech (and derivatives such as NEACH, NEACHE, NYCHE and NEESE).

It has also been proposed that these surnames derive from the Old French 'Nies', being the nominative of 'niece'. There is also an alternative opinion that the name comes from a Picardy (Northern Normandy) word "niche" pronounced "nee - chuh". and meaning "fool" or "jester" which, in the past, was an honourable occupation.

On this site, each person in the family tree has a dedicated page and this contains links to parents, spouse(s) and children. In addition, the entry may include relevant notes which may also link to further information.

There are also several indexes available to accessing information in this site. There is an Index by Surame, and Index by Given Name , an Index by Date (of Birth), an Index by Date of Last Update, a Photo Index and an Index to Web Links.

The site will be updated whenever new information becomes available. There is a Contact Form for the submission of information, corrections or suggestions. This form can also be used if you wished to be added to an email distribution list which will advise when changes have been made.

In addition, there are Snippets of information which have been uncovered but not yet linked into the Family Tree. In addition, general information regarding the Neech surname can be found at Forebears.

Much of the information has been provided by family members, and the remainder through research of information that is available on-line.

Last but not least, there is an Acknowledgements page listing individuals who have contributed to this family history project.

We hope that you find the site both interesting and informative.

Note : To minimise privacy concerns, any dates relevant to people born after 1900 are supressed and replaced by asterisks. Where the field is missing or blank, then the date is unknown.