Emma Balls
B:1838, D:1919
Married: 15-Jan-1861
Where Married: All Saints Church, Kirby Cane

Alice M Neech    B:1865
Florence Neech    B:1881
Heidi? M Neech    B:1946
James Johnson Neech    B:1862, D:1931
Maria Neech    B:1877
Phoebe Allen Neech    B:abt1867
William Johnson Neech    B:1874/5, D:1911


Cornelius is buried in Beccles Cemetery, Suffolk.

Following is from a letter from Evalyn Neech dated October 2001 regarding Cornelius Neech (b:1838)

Cornelius Neech was the illegitimate son on Mary Ann Neech.. No father is on the birth certificate. Her (Mary Annís) mother had died Nov 29, 1830 (there had been an infant Neech buried Nov 2 1830, so it may have been due to ???? repair she died. Cornelius was born in the workhouse Oct 29, 1838. The mother (Mary Neech nee Allen) was dead, the father was three times in jail because of idle and disorderly behaviour or leaving the family chargeable to the parish at Beccles so she (Mary Ann Neech) had nowhere to go. A William Johnson and his wife took pity on her and gave her board and lodging evidently. At least at the census in 1841 she is there and said to be out of work. Later she goes to work and they take care of the infant. On June 19, 1846, she married James Pipe and later has several children by him; Phoebe in 1847, Arthur in 1849, Thomas in1853 (Iím not sure if there were more). Meanwhile, Cornelius is brought up by the Johnsons. In the census of 1851 he says that he is his grandfather. When Cornelius marries Emma Balls in 1861 he says that William Johnson was his father. I donít know if there was any obligation on William Johnsonís part, but he certainly raised him. Later Cornelius tried to change his name to Johnson but didnít succeed as he was too well known under his real name.

Evalyn's notes indicate that Cornelius died in 1900. However, there is a burial recorded in Beccles Cemetery Register, Vol Nov 1840 to Nov 1912, which matches the year of birth but indicates a burial year of 1909.  Is this the same Cornelius?
Ref No 4748
Name : Cornelius Neech
Detail : Labourer
Age : 70
Date (of burial) : 22 Oct 1909
Grave Ref : XLYIII-237

Census records ..
Birth Source:
Cornelius Neech, Year of Registration: Dec Qtr; 1838  
District: Wangford, County: Suffolk  
Volume: 13  Page: 432  
1841 Census: Worlingham, Suffolk
Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece 1040; Book: 15; Civil Parish: Worlingham; County: Suffolk; Enumeration District: 21; Folio: 6; Page: 6; Line: 19; GSU roll: 474644.
Registration District: Wangford, Sub - Registration District: Beccles
Civil Parish: Worlingham County: Suffolk

William     Johnson,   45, Ag Lab,                 Born Suffolk
Joanna     Johnson    56                               Born Suffolk
Mary        Neech,      22, F.S. Out of Place,   Born: Suffolk
Cornelius  Neech,       2,                               Born, Suffolk
1851 Census: Worlingham, Suffolk
Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1804; Folio: 507; Page: 3; GSU roll: 207455.
Registration District: Wangford, Sub - Registration District: Bungay
Civil Parish: Worlingham, County: Suffolk

William Johnson, Head, M, 72, Agricultural Labourer, Suffolk, Beccles
Joanna Johnson, Wife,  M, 76,                                 Essex,  Leigh
Cornelius Neech, G-Son,   12,                                 Suffolk, Shipmeadow
1861 Census: Long Yard, Shipsmeadow, Suffolk
Source Citation: Class: RG9; Piece: 1185; Folio: 45; Page: 26; GSU roll: 542770.
Registration District: Wangford, Sub - Registration District: Beccles
Cornelius   Neech, Head,               22, Woodmason's Labourer,     Suffolk, Shipsmeadow
Emma       Neech, Wife,                22,                                          Norfolk, Kirby Cane
Maria        West,  Sister in law, M, 20,                                          Norfolk, Kirby Cane      

1881 British Census, Ingate Street, Beccles  
Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 1898; Folio: 98; Page: 31; Line:  ; GSU roll: 1341458.
Registration District: Wangford, Sub - Registration District: Beccles
Civil Parish: Beccles, County: Suffolk
Cornelius Neech,   Head, M,  Male,      42, Wood Sawyer,              Beccles,     Suffolk    
Emma      Neech,  Wife   M   Female   42,                                    Kirby Cane, Norfolk      
James     Neech,   Son    U   Male       19, General Dealer,             Beccles,     Suffolk    
Alice       Neech,   Daur,        Female,  16, Printers Machine Girl,    Beccles,    Suffolk    
Phoebe   Neech,   Daur         Female   14, Domestic Servant,         Beccles,    Suffolk    
William    Neech,  Son          Male         7, Scholar,                       Beccles,    Suffolk    
Maria      Neech,   Daur         Female     3,                                    Beccles,    Suffolk      
1891  Census, Newgate Street, Beccles
Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 1488; Folio 61; Page 6; GSU roll: 6096598.
Registration District: Wangford, Sub - Registration District: Beccles
Civil Parish: Beccles, Ecclesiatical Parish: Beccles

Cornelius   Neech, Head, M, 52, Labourer,               Suffolk, Beccles
Emma       Neech, Wife,  M, 52,                             Norfolk, Kirby Cane
Maria        Neech, Dau,       15, Domestic Servant,  Suffolk, Beccles
Florence   Neech, Dau,         9, Scholar                  Suffolk, Beccles
1901 Census:Newgate Street, Beccles
Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 1799; Folio: 67; Page: 24.
Registration District: Wangford, Sub - Registration District: Beccles
Civil Parish:Beccles, Ecclesiastical Parish ; Beccles St Michael Suffolk
Cornelius     Neech,  Head,           M, 62, Carpenters Labourer, Worker, Suffolk Beccles
Emma         Neech,  Wife,            M, 62,                                             Norfolk, Kirby Cane
Walter J      Moore,  Son In Law,   M, 21  Tanner's Labourer                   Suffolk,  Carlton Colville
Florence E  Moore,  Daughter,      M, 19                                              Suffolk Beccles
William J    Moore,  G - Son              1month                                       Suffolk Beccles
Death Source:
Cornelius Neech Estimated birth year: abt 1839
Year of Registration: Dec Qtr; 1909
Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
Age at Death: 70
District: Wangford, County: Suffolk
Volume: 4a Page: 569  

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Family Tree from Alan Neech. Email from Paul Weavers. Email from Bram Taylor

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