James Pipe
Married: Mar-1846
Where Married: Wangford, Suffolk, England

Arthur Pipe    
Phoebe Pipe    
Thomas Pipe    


Cornelius Neech    B:1838, D:1900


Mary was christened 0n 19 Mar 1820

Following is from a letter from Evalyn Neech dated October 2001 regarding Mary Ann Neech

Mary Ann Neech had an illegitimate son, Cornelius. He was born in the workhouse Oct 29, 1838. Mary's mother (Mary Neech nee Allen) was dead, the father was three times in jail because of idle and disorderly behaviour or leaving the family chargeable to the parish at Beccles so she (Mary Ann Neech) had nowhere to go. A William Johnson and his wife took pity on her and gave her board and lodging evidently. At least at the census in 1841 she is there and said to be out of work. Later she goes to work and they take care of the infant. On June 19, 1846, she married James Pipe and later has several children by him; Phoebe in 1847, Arthur in 1849, Thomas in1853  (Iím not sure if there were more).

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. England Marriages Mar 1846 Wangford, Vol 12, Page 847. Letter from Lynda Neech

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