Matilda Hammond
B:1855, D:1938
Married: 1873

Eliza Jane Neech    B:1874, D:1890
Elsie Matilda Neech    B:1888, D:1964
Ernest Ebenezer Neech    B:1881, D:1962
Samuel Frederick Neech    B:1880, D:1955
Sydney Samuel Neech    B:1892, D:1962


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    Matilda & Ebenezer Neech

Email from Penelope Neech ..
Ebeneezer began life  as a fisherman but when he married Matilda she didn't want to be left alone so he did farm work. He was 6' 7'' tall and big with it. Matilda was 6' herself ! He couldn't read or write but he had the "Faith of a Gallilean fisherman". In one of the books about Oulton, Norfolk, one of the farm owners wrote of him; "He worked with me when I was a boy. You could learn more from him about the real things of life, than from many a theological student. If a young lad came to work in the morning having had no breakfast, then Ebeneezer would refuse to eat until the lad had reluctantly agreed to share his food. If an elderly lady could not dig her garden, then it was Ebeneezers spade who would turn the soil over. Everyone loved him.
Ebeneezer (1850-1929) was stockman for herds of pedigree shorthorn and friesian cattle. Placed 3rd in national show."

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Email from Penelope Neech, 1851 England Census

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