W. Jane Summons
B:1882, D:1961
Married: 1902

Alan Summons Neech    B:1915, D:2011
Eardley Ernest Neech    B:1904, D:1984


Email from Penelope Neech
Earnest Ebeneezer, inherited his mother Matildas quickness and intelligence. He left school at 10 yrs of age. He was supposed to stay until he was 11yrs but he finished everything required to do so he left early. He became a bricklayer, and then eventually became a builder in a small way. He built his own bungalow, mostly doing it himself night and morning. He offered to do the same for his brother Fred, but he said he was satisfied with his rented house and didn't take him up. Earnest married Jane in 1902. After a few moves they ended up living next door to his brother Fred and family, so their children, being of similar age, were close.

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Email from Penelope Neech

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