Sarah Eva Kirkman
B:1910, D:2006
Married: 1940
Where Married: Rakha, UP, India

Elizabeth Margaret Neech    B:1945
Richard Eardley Neech    B:1942
Rosemary Sarah Neech    B:1943


Photo of Alan Neech

Email from Penelope Neech.
"Allen, who started at Liverpool University, then felt called to be a missionary. So he trained at Bristol and went to India in1927. His wife Evalyn trained as a doctor, and also felt called to be a missionary, and also landed in India in 1937. There they were both in language school together, and married in 1940. They had 3 children, Richard, Rosemary, and Elizabeth."

Alan served as a Missionary in India, and in his later years as Canon of Norwich Cathedral

Funeral held at St Mary's Church, Rockland St Mary, Norfolk on 29 July 2011

Source : Robert Neech Family Tree from Evalyn. Emaisl from Penelope Neech & Richard Neech

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