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Email from Penelope Neech
"Elizabeth is a doctor also in Malawi. She has four children."

Found at Barts and The London Alumni Association ( pages for 1938

Professor Elizabeth Molyneux (née Neech) (Barts) and Professor Malcolm Molyneux (Barts 1968) returned to Malawi from Liverpool in 1995. Malcolm is Director of the Liverpool Wellcome Malawi Research Laboratories in the College of Medicine, on secondment from the University of Liverpool. The unit in Malawi supports locally applicable clinical and basic scientific research. He is sometimes to be found climbing mountains or conducting a local choir. Liz is now Head of Paediatrics in the College of Medicine in Blantyre, a ten-year old school training undergraduates and now developing postgraduate diplomas and courses. She writes: "Clinical load is heavy and there are many health care challenges in our setting. Come and join us!"

Source : Email from Penelope Neech

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