John James Leonard
Married: 20-May-1905
Where Married: Roma, QLD

Alan Mosman Leonard    B:1905
Enid Merle Leonard    B:1911
Harold Roy Leonard    B:1918
Jack Seymor Leonard    B:1907
Leslie Clyde Leonard    B:1912
Thelma May Leonard    B:1908


Photo of Edith Mather

[From Pattie Butler's email ...]
Edith, in order to support her family, went to work as a cleaner in private homes.
By 1939, the family had moved to Mabel St., Highgate Hill, South Brisbane.
In later life, Edith lived with each of her family members, staying a short time with each.
In early 1971, she fell and broke her right femur, and, with her age, the associated shock and the nature of treatment required, failed to respond. and died two months later.

Edith Leonard died at Mount Olivet Hospital, Kangaroo Point, on 21 Jun 1971, at 91 years of age. She was cremated at Mt Thompson Crematorium on 23rd June.  [ Niche. 23 : Sec. 1 : Wall 7.]

Source : Email from Pattie Butler