Edith May Mather
Married: 20-May-1905
Where Married: Roma, QLD

Alan Mosman Leonard    B:1905
Enid Merle Leonard    B:1911
Harold Roy Leonard    B:1918
Jack Seymor Leonard    B:1907
Leslie Clyde Leonard    B:1912
Thelma May Leonard    B:1908


Photo of John Leonard

[From Pattie Butler's email ...]
John's full name was John James Thomas William Francis Henry Lamasme Leonard

John James, (as he was more commonly known),  had served with the Royal Irish Constabulary for 4 years and 3 months prior to taking his discharge from that unit on 19 Jan 1886.

He joined the Queensland Police Force on  9 February 1889 and documents on his file show that he had been in the State for only 3 months, and during that time had been employed by William Thornhill, of  Fortitude Valley.  Further details reveal that he was 25 years of age, weighed 12 stone, and had achieved a fair education.

His Police Number was 260, and he was made Constable on 10 Apr 1897. His promotion to Acting Sergeant was granted on  1 Jan 1901.

John was stationed at various localities : -  Brisbane , Rockhampton ( 11yrs ),  Emu Park  ( 3mths ) ,  
Miriam Vale  ( 2mths ) ,  Charleville ( 2mths ) , Cunnamulla (2mths) , and Toowoomba ( 2mths ).

At the time of his marriage, John, Acting Sergeant of Police at Roma and residing at the Police Barracks in Roma, was stationed at that locality for 4 years 4 months.

In order to obtain permission to marry, a statement as to the character of his future wife and family had to be produced, resulting in the request being granted on the condition that they move station as soon as possible following the marriage.
Subsequent moves included positions at Nundah, Ipswich, Warwick and St Lawrence.

John was granted a reward of 5 pounds on 30 Jun 1909 for his action in the case against Go Ling and Mang Tong at Inglewood for illegal possession of opium.

He was accorded a Favourable Record on  29 May 1909 for good Police Duty performed in connection with the arrest of two men for a breaking and entering offence involving a warehouse at Warwick.

John J. Leonard retired from the Police Force on  16 Nov 1915, and was granted an annual pension of 141 pounds 8 shillings and 9 pence.

When first arriving in Brisbane, they lived with Edith's mother and brother at 23 Annie Street, New Farm.
In 1919, John and Edith are living at "Arran", Raymond Tce., South Brisbane, and John is working as an Insurance Salesman.

John Leonard died at his home at Merton St., Wooloongabba, on  29 Nov 1929, and was buried with his daughter, Enid, in the Toowong Cemetery on  1st December. There is no Headstone.   [ Por.5: Sec.126:Lot.29:Public Ground.]

Source : Email from Pattie Butler