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Charles Henry Charman    B:abt1890
Edward Joseph Charman    B:1874
Eleanor Amelia Charman    B:abt1876
Emma Maud Charman    B:1883
George William Charman    B:abt1878
Harold Victor Charman    B:abt1891
Harriet Grace Charman    B:1881
Ivy Gertrude Charman    B:1894
Mabel Elsis Charman    B:abt1888
Pamela Elizabeth Charman    B:1873
Thirzer Caroline Windsor Charman    B:abt1870
Violet Edith Charman    B:1898


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    Joseph Charman & Spouse

Joseph's occupation was a Cordwainer. According to Oxford Dictionary a cordwainer Worked with very soft leathers such as deerskin etc.. Furthermore because of this skill he was shoemaker to Queen Victoria.

Recorded in 1881 Census as age 38, married, occupation bootmaker, and living at 2 Belmore St, Lambeth, Surrey, England.

Recorded in 1901 Census as age 58, married, occupation ndia Stores Labourer and living at 18 Harleyford Road, Lambeth, London, England.

From Elizabeth Godden " there were 21 children in the family and 19 survived. "

Source : Email from Colin Chaarman

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