Joseph Charman

Charles Henry Charman    B:abt1890
Edward Joseph Charman    B:1874
Eleanor Amelia Charman    B:abt1876
Emma Maud Charman    B:1883
George William Charman    B:abt1878
Harold Victor Charman    B:abt1891
Harriet Grace Charman    B:1881
Ivy Gertrude Charman    B:1894
Mabel Elsis Charman    B:abt1888
Pamela Elizabeth Charman    B:1873
Thirzer Caroline Windsor Charman    B:abt1870
Violet Edith Charman    B:1898


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    Joseph Charman & Spouse

Shown in 1881 Census as age 28, married, and living at 2 Belmore St, Lambeth, Surrey, England.

Shown in 1901 Census as age 48, married, and living at 18 Harleyford Road, Lambeth, London, England

From Elizabeth Godden " there were 21 children in the family and 19 survived. "

Source : Email from Colin Charman

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